What is Email Marketing?

by | 07 Aug 2018 | Email Marketing

Once upon a time, getting a letter in the mail was an exciting moment.  Receiving an email is much like getting a letter. Similarly, the email becomes even more important when it comes from a trusted friend. In order to more effectively foster relationships with people, email them. Using email to promote products or services isn’t a new marketing technique.

Interested Targeted Audiences

In traditional marketing, most efforts were directed to a mass audience. The same message was presented to a large group at one time whether they watched the same television show or listened to the same radio program. Products consistently befell an unaware audience. Due to this type of advertising, you only hoped they learned to become interested in your presentation to them.

Marketing departments still use this type of “push marketing”, however it lost its effectiveness in producing results. For this reason email marketing works.

Email marketing is an effective tool in your small business arsenal. First, build your email list into a group of like-minded individuals who relate to what you have to offer. Your list could probably include individuals similar in your way of thinking or your worldview. Email could be the event information you provide. It could also be your products and services. Either way, you interested your audience into hearing your message. Otherwise they would not have opted into subscribing to your newsletter.


Permission and Individual-Based

Conversely, “push marketing” has been replaced with more individualized efforts called “pull marketing.”  It brings the audience to the business because they like what they have seen. The valuable contribution email marketing grants to your marketing strategy is the ability to reach an interested audience. Your email subscriber list becomes your targeted audience. They want to hear from you.

Sharing information through email builds a personal relationship with the reader. Write each message sent to your audience as first person communication to the reader. If they like what they read or hear, they want to stay on your list.

Building Your Own Profitable Subscriber List

The key to an effective email marketing strategy builds the right audience and presents the right message the reader proves to be ready for it. Sound complicated?  It can be, but we’ll guide you through the process.

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