What is the Value of Email Marketing?

by | 06 Jul 2018 | Email Marketing

Email marketing has the highest return-on-investment (ROI) than any other channel of online marketing. Therefore, it provides a direct line to engage your customers. It’s relatively easy to adjust performance based on analytical data.

Email Marketing is Profitable

Marketing using email gives you a direct line of communication to your reader. Thus, doing business is convenient without a lot of hassle. It’s easier to on-board prospective clients, transact sells, and re-target customers to purchase more or other products. Conversion rates are much higher as a result than other communication channels.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Email Marketing is an affordable marketing solution. Almost everyone has an email address. It is the fastest medium to communicate with others regardless of the device used. It has the power, consequently, to make people react to a message.

email marketing

Contact Currency is Cheap

Consumers readily trade their email address for quality, interesting content. They give their permission, called “permission marketing”, to receive advertisement from you in exchange for receiving an item they want in return. It could be a lead magnet, white paper, e-book, webinar, podcast, coupons, discounted rates, etc.

Controlled Content, Controlled Message

Your quality, interesting content is distributed as you want it. Managing your content is a smooth, almost painless, process. You control what and when.

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