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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Think of IT Computer Services

Step One: Get To Know Us.

Kyle and Max acting like they have no clue.  They know whats up!

Steve at Cisco for Training.  Gotta keep your mind
and tools sharp!

Cherisa, Judy, and Jen demonstrate the normal frustration organizations, whom are not our customers, usually experience.

We Want to Make Work Easier.

We come to work to help our clients to build businesses that they and their clients are proud to be a part of. Business owners and entrepreneurs simply want to concentrate on building their business and providing their services. They don’t want to hassle with being the I.T. Guy. They certainly don’t want to deal with all of the software and hardware hiccups. Our team solves these challenges and more.

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While we keep our site updated with new blog posts, freebies, and recommendations, we want to assist you to keep up with the latest happenings in the business and I.T. world.

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    Step Three: Check Out Our Pocket Guides and Recommended Tools

    Three Business Priorities for Technology You Must Get Right

    Focus Your Technology on these Three Business Areas

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    Five Ways to Protect Your Data and Secure Your Privacy

    Learn five basic tips to protect your critical business data and the data of your clients.

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    The Four Step Plan to Solve Business Tech Problems

    Identify the underlying problems, the solutions, and how a true professional gives you the know-how to fix your problems.

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    Recommended IT Tools

    We have personally used all three of these products, and they are highly recommended for solving specific issues in your business.

    WPEngine is arguably the best hosting platform on the planet for Wordpress Powered Websites.  Highly recommended for your website.

    Freshbooks is an accounting suite that is excellent for small entreprenuers wanting to make accounting task easier and streamline the backoffice.

    Convertkit is an extremely powerful email marketing suite that enables you to build landing pages, automations, send bulk emails and more.


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