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I’m Steve Haviland. I’m here to help you save time, money and effort in your business!  If you’re one of the countless business people who gets stressed out when your computer does not work, then let me show you how to permanenty solve that problem.  Imagine what that would mean for you and your business or organization.

Since 2009, my team and I have helped many entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit organizations solve their most pressing I.T. issues.  Our clients want their computers to work without uncertainty or complications.  Let me show you how in my new “Four Step Plan to Solve Tech Problems.”

How We Help Organizations with Computer Problems?

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Free Guidance on All Things Technology

Thru this website, we share a huge amount of advice on a large variety of business topics including marketing, finance, HR, customer service, management, and how technology impacts all these areas of your business. Consider subscribing to our email newsletter, watching our videos, or reading our blog articles.

Network Assessments

One of the most fundemental truths in business and in life is that you have to understand where you are to understand where you want to go.  A Network Assessment gives you as the business owner a clear picture of your technology investment and identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.   This is a powerful tool that enables you to make clear-eyed decisions about how to change your investment, and how to use it to reduce cost, improve productivity, and improve client services.

Think of Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services allows us to bring the benefits of a full time IT department to your small business or organization.  It works because for a flat monthly fee, you get everything you need to make your office technology work smoothly and without issue. We help you contain your cost with a fixed price model, where you no longer pay hourly for support.  We dramatically reduce downtime, which enables you to eliminate wasteful outages and produce more.  Finally, we help you to serve your clients better because your IT systems work.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Our vCIO program allows you to really focus on the IT process and get quality IT consulting services.  We assign every Managed IT Services client their own vCIO to help them develop a technology plan and technology budget for their business.   Your vCIO will identify the areas where you are leaking cash with your IT and recommend ways to assist you to become more productive and service your own clients better.

How to Execute!

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Now that you know the ways that we help you succeed and permanently fix your computer problems, you have three options.

Option #1:  You could do nothing. Have you ever heard the definition of insanity?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.  However, I happen to know that you don’t really want to do that. Why would you be reading this if you did? I don’t think this is what you really want to do.

Option #2:  You could keep researching and looking on the web. There are many resources and literally tons of information on the web about solving computer problems and how to improve your business using various technology. Some of it is valuable, others not so much. However, I have gathered quality, informative information here on right on this website. Together with the other resources created just for you, you have all that you need right here in one place. Check out our section on IT Solutions, Workspace, and our Learn More blog.

Option #3:  You can take action now!  Give Think of IT Computer Services a call, and let us come and conduct a FREE network assessment for your business.  This assessment will uncover all the data we need to get started and permanently solve your computer, network, or other IT problems.


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