Nurturing Leads into Sales

by | 10 Aug 2018 | Email Marketing

Converting quality leads into sales is difficult for most.  Consequently, the nurturing process must begin when interest is shown in your business, no matter how minimal the interaction. Email marketing is one channel from which you provide value to your audience.

The Way You Nurture is Key

No one debates that nurturing is essential to building sales and increasing revenue. The key is how you take care of your leads

The primary component to building the relationship is providing valuable content for them to consume, including email communications. Therefore, work to educate and develop trust with your readers. Also, do not use your email message  only to frame your story, use other quality content, such as lead magnet offers, to further bolster your importance.

Popular Methods

Many drip marketing campaigns gradually nurture leads over a predetermined period of time. They are styled to nurture prospectives into leads, leads into customers, customers into advocates. Drip marketing campaigns are distinctive from other methods because they are predetermined and normally automated. However, they can be impersonal for follow-up activities since they do not address other interactions the reader has with you.

Pre-event and post-event campaigns also nurture leads over a specific time frame. Used to compliment an after commitment activity, pre-event campaigns keep the reader engaged and motivated to participate. Post-event campaigns remind the reader of the importance of joining, the continuing value they could receive after partaking, and other items of interest.

Framing Your Email Message

Well constructed emails start with attention grabbing subject lines.  Hence, the more personal the message the less it reads as a newspaper headline. Make it relevant, interesting, and genuine.

Secondly, write in the inverted pyramid style. Give your readers the important information first. Start by ensuring them that they are receiving the right message. Help them understand that they are the right person for this email.

Then address the essentials. For business-to-business leads, describe the problem the reader may be experiencing. With what pain point are they struggling? Share your story of encountering the same issue(s). Relate to the reader. Use emotional words to describe what happened.

Discuss what changed for you. Tell how you changed, but leave the details for your next email message. They will want to hear from you.

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Grouping Your Subscribers

Grouping your subscribers into separate lists is necessary. It serves to keep your message personal and engaging to their specific pursuits. Depending upon how you received your lead, email messages should be directed to the needs of those leads. Getting them into the correct, segmented group is fundamental.

It Can’t Be Avoided

According to HubSpot, 96% of your website’s visitors are not ready to buy just yet. It will take time. Additionally, if you are successful at nurturing your leads, they could generate 50% more sales at a lower cost of acquisition.

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