Identifying Email Spam and/or Email Scams

Identifying Email Spam and/or Email Scams

The unfortunate reality of modern technology is that no matter what technology you have blocking your inbox from malicious emails, there are a few that will make it through. The key to protecting your information technology systems is to educate your employees on how...

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How to Build Your Email List

A robust email list will provide you with an audience to promote your products and services. As traditional marketing becomes more ineffective, this is your audience. No matter the number of subscribers in your email list, not everyone is going to purchase at the same time at the same rate. However, they do purchase and they purchase from emails.

What is Email Marketing?

Receiving an email is much like getting a letter. It’s even better when it comes from a trusted friend. It is one of the most effective ways to foster relationships with people. Using email to promote products or services isn’t a new marketing technique.

What is the Value of Email Marketing?

Email marketing has the highest return-on-investment (ROI), even higher than social media marketing, than any other channel of online marketing. It provides a direct line to engage your customers. It produces metric data you adjust for greater performance.

Small Business Owner: What You Need to Know

The Entrepreneur Running a business is one of the most challenging experiences one could ever experience. You worked so hard to build your business. You spent nights and days fighting for your dream. Now that it is a reality (you own your own business), you can...

Discover Your Income Statement

Income Statement, An Important Asset Let's start our journey into financial statements with the Income Statement. This is certainly the best-known report since it represents the operating results of an entity. This document shows you the business financial...

What the Subtotals Mean on Your Income Statement

Your income statement is one of the most important documents you can use to tell whether or not your business is successful.  However, knowing what all the lines and subtotals stand for is more difficult than you think.  I have put together some descriptions and...

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