How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing

by | 15 Aug 2018 | Email Marketing

Occasionally, you will need to share a true sales letter. Drafting that letter is challenge. From the subject line to the post script added at the bottom, it will need to appeal to your targeted audience. Plus it will need enough sales pitch to get readers to purchase.

Personal Emotional Connection

Beyond knowing your targeted audience, you will need to connect with the reader on a personal, emotional level. Clarify they are the audience that you intend to receive the communication.

Spell out the emotive details regarding the problem you or your customer experienced. Explain in descriptive language the turmoil. Allow your audience to relate to the experience. Describe the disruption it had on life.

Consequences of Zero Action

Apart from your depiction of your problem, educate your reader on why it would be disastrous to ignore the problem. Illustrate the ramifications of not taking appropriate action. Reveal how it would feel. Expound on the impact it would have on the future.

Resolving Peril

Share what you did to avoid the worst. Disclose the who, what, when, where, and how of what made it better for you (or your customer). Point out the challenges along the way. Reveal the pitfalls exposed and later ironed out.

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Depict the Metamorphosis

The truth about sales is that people do not purchase product or services. They purchase the outcome or the transformation. They purchase what the end point signifies. It is a best SUV on the market or how the hair cut will make them look. Or they are purchasing what how the product or service will change their life for the better, For example, a weight loss program sales the ideal of proper body weight while still eating out, how teeth whitening will improve their smile thus improve their relationships,  or an educational program to build upon their employable skills to gain a better paying job.

Many sales materials confuse the delivery method for the outcome or transformation. Your readers are concerned if it will deliver on the promised outcome or change.

Outline Your Offer

They will then be receptive to hearing what you present to them.  Your message should still focus on the promised alteration. Link the benefits with your offer. What the reader would expect to happen if they purchased, and some on what would happen if they didn’t.

Present Your Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is named such because you telling the reader to respond. Tell the reader what to do. Give details on the process. Describe what to expect as they make the purchase. Remind them why it is important to make this purchase to resolve the issue. Be direct and specific.

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