How to Build Your Email List

by | 09 Aug 2018 | Email Marketing

A robust email list provides your business with an audience to promote your products and services. As traditional marketing becomes more ineffective, email campaigns are your audience. No matter the number of subscribers in your email list, not everyone purchases at the same time nor at the same rate. However, they do purchase, and they purchase from emails.

Your Subscriber List

An email list of subscribers made up of your targeted audience is a valuable marketing asset. It needs to be maintained to keep its value and relevance to your marketing efforts. According to HubSpot, your list of subscribers degrades by 22.5% every year.

Therefore, it’s important to keep adding subscribers to replace those leaving through natural attrition. A simple technique to attract more people to your email list is to ask them either in person, on social media, with a subscriber box, or by pop-up on your website. Additionally, include a note to freely share your email with an opt-in link.

Quality Interesting Content

Subscribers are more likely to remain engaged with quality, interesting content. By segmenting your subscriber list into well-defined groups that caters to their specific interests, you create opportunities to personalize the email message to hold their attention.

For example, your email subscriber list focuses on an annual event held in your city. Many new, first time subscribers are somewhat aware of what the event encompasses. Your post-event email announcements provide many event details, the awesomeness of the event, and how to achieve the most from their experience. Only your new, first time subscribers would expect this information. Your past attendees would be bored.

Taking the example further, offering an event map as a downloadable resource helps collect more email addresses and contribute to that particular segmented, targeted audience. People love to get quality freebies of superior material on topics that interest them. The more superb the content, the more contact currency you could require.

Network Engagement

Many in-person events (trade shows, lead groups,) provide opportunities to collect contact data from other harmonious characters. Adding them(who) to an on-boarding, segmented group would acclimate them to your worldview. Hosting a networking event would also afford more avenues to collect emails.

Never Buy a List of Subscribers

Purchased (and rented) email lists are often built using demographic and/or psychographic data. Most of the email accounts listed contain missing, incomplete, or out-of-date information. Also, email account holders have not opted into your list. They will distrust your message no matter how well you present your content. It is unwelcome and impersonal without benefit to your reputation and your business..


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