How to Generate Leads with Email Marketing

by | 10 Aug 2018 | Email Marketing

Developing leads is a challenging task for any organization. Email has long enjoyed a successful track record for the most efficient way to generate leads at a reasonable cost. Therefore, every part of the email must be analyzed from the perspective of the reader and its effectiveness in communicating your message.

Collect Leads from All Channels

Your collection of leads should come from many channels. Organic traffic to landing pages and your website, your blog, your guest blog posts, social media engagements, pay-per-click ads, and networking or direct sales activities are all choice avenues.  For that reason, each lead source should capture the email address of the soon-to-be prospect.

Never buy (or rent) an email marketing list or use unsolicited email addresses. The last thing you need is for your ISP  to be blocked and prohibited from sending emails. Legislation like CAN-SPAM and advanced email filtering makes your subscriber list impossible to use and consequently much less effective.  Instead, build an opt-in list of prospective clients who anticipate your high quality content.

The person engaging with your business may only be curious about your content offering and might not actually be really interested in your product or service. Time tells the truth through your nurturing efforts.

Collect Leads from All Channels

Don’t band all of your prospectives into the same mass generic group. Segment them into lists that reflect their interests. Separate groups, as a result, allow you the greater ability to customize your communications to the needs of that group. Furthermore, it allows you to transition them through your sales funnel.

Prospects to Leads

Many prospects enjoy informative blog articles. Your blog is an opportunity to send them pertinent articles akin to their interest. As a result, they become accustomed to your thought-leadership, They learn your worldview. They develop into your tribe member.  As they progress through your cycle of educational materials, they evolve into a lead.

At this point, they are still a cold lead. Make your email communications warmer; more friendly and personable. They certainly must like what you have to offer, so turn it up a bit. Add a thoughtful testimonial to gain credibility. Follow up with a sale offer or coupon to move the lead closer to a sale.

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Consistency is Imperative

Consistent email communications is essential. Your targeted audience expects the frequency. In reality, you appear less “spammy” when you share frequently and regularly. Additionally, your audience wants to hear from you.

Maximizing Your Results

You widen your results when you have fully defined your email marketing purpose, target the right audience, and gauge your results. Test your email with A/B split testing to reduce bounce rates. Your open rates should rank 30% or higher. Click-through rates level around 5%. If your strategy works, don’t be quick to replace it with something new.

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