Domain Spoofing: What you need to know!

by | 03 Apr 2019 | Information Technology

Domain spoofing, is a common form of cyber crime called phishing. It occurs when an attacker appears to use a company’s domain to impersonate a company or one of its employees. This can be done by sending emails with false domain names which appear legitimate, or by setting up websites with slightly altered characters that read as correct. Commonly, a spoof website or email will use logos, or any other kind of accurate visual design to effectively imitate the styling and branding of a legitimate enterprise or business. Users will commonly be prompted to enter financial details or other sensitive data, trusting that they are being sent to the right place.

Email spoofing involves understanding of the Internets underlying systems, which allows an attacker to forge email headers that make the email appear to be from somewhere it is not. Recent examples of this type of email include examples where the criminal spoofs the receivers email, claiming to have hacked their computer, and demanding a ransom. Attached is one such example!

What Can You Do About this type of Cybercrime?

From a technology perspective, there are four different technologies that can help you defend against this type of cyber crime attack. These are:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • Domain-based Message Authentication and Conformance (DMARC)
  • Domain Keys Identified Email (DKIM)
  • Sender ID (SID)

These types of email protection technologies can assist you with protecting yourself and your organization from Cyber crime. However, the best defense is to partner with an I.T. company that understands cybersecurity.

How Can Think of IT help?

Think of IT helps to protect your brand and your business from Cyber attacks through our proprietary cyber security suite of products. From micro-trainings and phishing simulations that train your employees to recognize cyber threats to sophisticated endpoint, server, and firewall protection we have you covered. Give Think of IT a call at 940-692-1119 to find out how we can help you!

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