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Hi!  I’m Steve Haviland, President and CEO of Think of IT Computer Services.  My team and I are here to save you time, money and effort by eliminating office technology problems.  Our mission is simple, to provide a seamless digital experience for your business so that you can concentrate on what you do best!  Let us help you!

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Are You Frustrated That Your Office Technology is Always Broken?

Our Think of IT Pocket Guides Can Help You Solve Your Technology Problems

Three Business Priorities for Technology You Must Get Right

Focus Your Technology on these Three Business Areas

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Five Ways to Protect Your Data and Secure Your Privacy

Learn five basic tips to protect your critical business data and the data of your clients.

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The Four Step Plan to Solve Business Tech Problems

Identify the underlying problems, the solutions, and how a true professional gives you the know-how to fix your problems.

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Featured Service of the Month

Workspace by Think of I.T.

Use our desktop as a service solution to access your personalized desktop, applications, and files from any connected device from anywhere — your home, on the road, or when meeting  a client. 

  • Quick and Easy Access from Anywhere! Our responsive solution connects you very quickly.
  • Consistent user experience across your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Lower Cost and Higher Availability with your desktop in the Cloud!

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Outlining Your Business Roadmap for 2019

Outlining Your Business Roadmap for 2019

"Failing to plan is planning to fail" is a popular quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management. Planning your business road map is difficult task for many business owners.  It's an often-overlooked necessity. Absence of planning causes...

Identifying Email Spam and/or Email Scams

Identifying Email Spam and/or Email Scams

The unfortunate reality of modern technology is that no matter what technology you have blocking your inbox from malicious emails, there are a few that will make it through. The key to protecting your information technology systems is to educate your employees on how...

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